¡Ya basta! Finally, they had enough… a story of the Fort Worth Mexicano community’s fight for justice

la foto 1

Picture of painting courtesy of Eva Bonilla

Welcome to our site about Mexicano activism in Fort Worth

Mexican-origin people in Fort Worth, like those across the Southwest, have historically faced severe oppression and continue to encounter various forms of inequality. To address these issues, they have come together to promote social change using a variety of strategies. The foremost issues within the Mexicano community in Fort Worth were infrastructure issues, schooling inequality, and lack of political power. Mexicano activists organized in order to deal with these issues that plagued their community through social and political organizations, utilizing various forms of community organizing. We created this website to inform others about the movement and present people’s first hand views of the Mexicano experience and fight for justice in Fort Worth.

This website will serve as hopefully the beginning of widening the scarce documentation of Mexicano experiences and their activism in the city of Fort Worth. This website will serve as a forum for discussion about these topics and hopefully as an educational source as well. The interviews we recorded will be donated and preserved in the TCU Library Special Collections and/or the Special Collections Library at the University of Texas, Arlington.

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