Want to Learn More?

Here are some sites we found useful in our research and might be useful to you:

Tejano Voices presents the personal recollections of 173 Tejanos and Tejanas and their struggle against racial discrimination in post-World War II Texas.

Special Collections, University of Texas at Arlington 

This is La Raza Unida Party’s official website.

The Texas State Historical Association has many informative articles.

Latinopia is a website all about Latino history.

Here are useful sources we used to do our research that you might want to read:

Primary Sources

Compean, Mario and José Angel Gutiérrez. La Raza Unida Party in Texas: Speeches Pathfinder Press, 1970.

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Star-Telegram. “‘They Want to have a Voice’ – La Raza Unida’s Founder Ruminates on how Things have Changed and – Remained the Same.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX), 2000.

Secondary Sources

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